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Sep 9, 2014

Can Ray Rice Horror Open Eyes

Notwithstanding the fact that the NFL has been the most hospitable sanctuary for the vulgar and the violent, (animal abuse, domestic violence, bar fights etc.), I am hopeful that some good will come of the latest horror story involving the Raven's Ray Rice.

It is not coincidental that violence against the vulnerable allows for multiple targets in the same setting. In other words spousal abuse and animal abuse, abuse of the disabled and elder abuse and so on and so forth. The crime is the same – the opportunity reveals the victims. These are all parts of one deranged whole.

As early as the mid-nineties spcaLA (not affiliated with any other spca) began a domestic violence program, (Animal Safety Net) designed to provide a safe place for pets of victims of domestic violence thus removing a very significant barrier which often prevented a victim from leaving an unsafe situation. The catalyst for this involved a woman who was repeatedly beaten by her spouse who (the spouse) also tortured the family cat in front of an 8 year old child. The woman killed her spouse and then committed suicide leaving the child and the cat to fend for themselves. Since then we have provided peace for dogs, cats, horses, fish, rats, reptiles and hamsters while their human companions sought shelter and a path to a sane life.

Today, despite the fact that there is more awareness of this cycle of violence, more cross training on the issues, and more mandatory reporters there is still a reluctance to get involved as evidenced by the willingness of both the NFL and a prosecutor to look the other way by handing down de minims sanctions (2 game suspension and a diversionary counseling program) which would have allowed Rice’s record to remain clean. Then, the surfacing of the video showing the actual violence ended his career.

Let us not waste the opportunity offered by this high profile case. Friends, neighbors, social workers and law enforcement need to see the entire crime scene. If called for animal cruelty – look for domestic violence and vice versa.  There could be another victim in front of you,  that blinders built and sustained over centuries of looking the other way, who will finally be seen as a homicide statistic.

Aug 21, 2014

The Arrogance of the Ignorant

courtesy spcaLA
In response to members of the public and legitimate animal welfare organizations advising people to use caution if they wish to dump an ice bucket on their dog, a spokesperson for an animal welfare lobbying organization  glibly responded that there are more important things to worry about. Notwithstanding that those of us in the "hands on" business see endless cases of well-meaning accidents gone bad; it is a prime example of the arrogance of the ignorant.

There is always something worse to worry about. Watching your son beheaded on the internet, acts of genocide in Iraq, incurable diseases, climate change or intentional acts of violence against the vulnerable are all good examples of worse things than pouring water on a dog. But imagine if any of us in the nonprofit sector or anyone pursuing a passion stopped their work because there is always something worse out there that is not remedied. We would all be paralyzed in existential hell. It is only because we all keep improving our little corners of the world that big things happen. Otherwise - why bother?

Instead, I, your spcaLA president, am thrilled and honored that so many of you paused to consider whether or not including dogs or any animal in an ice bucket dump was a good idea. That, in and of itself, is a great thing, and I thank you for that.

Having a corporate representative speaking so ignorantly on behalf of an organization - also something to worry about.

Aug 14, 2014

I Do Have A Real Job

Courtesy of MSN.com link
When people ask me - "why don't you get a real job" or "why did you give up prosecuting people" or "why should we care about animal abuse" - I show them an article like this -http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/after-5-year-manhunt-fugitive-couple-arrested  Note the treatment of both their children and animals.

I never changed jobs - I changed my primary victim focus. But guess what! The defendants remain the same.  Criminals are criminals, bullies are bullies, and sadists are sadists. The connection between animal abuse and people abuse particularly in the areas of domestic violence and in the development of serial killers is air tight. We must stop the cycle of violence as early as possible, as soon as it is manifested, even as young as a preschooler. spcaLA, alone, has programs to do that which include the only alternative sentencing mandate for qualifying juveniles, a domestic violence safety net, and others targeting youth from at  risk communities. (There is no national/umbrella spca in this country.)

I don't ask people to love animals, but rather to agree with me that it is wrong to gratuitously harm them. I ask people to fund spcaLA as a way to support compassion for our lost and abused animals but also as a way to eliminate violence against people.

Protecting our vulnerable classes against bullies protects us all.

 I think that is a "real job"!

Aug 3, 2014

What is Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Salmonella?

not ninjas

Four fictional ninja turtles and one real disease.

I love the ninja turtle movies but I also love turtles. Real turtles are not ninjas, not appropriate pets for youngsters, and not legal to sell if their shells are less than 4 inches in diameter.

not a turtle
Real turtles also carry salmonella which transmits to children and adults when hands are put in mouths, eyes etc without serious washing in between. Salmonella can be fatal to the young, elderly and vulnerable. Turtles also don't provide the type of sustained interaction that children like which often results in their being flushed, illegally dumped in a pond, or accidentally killed. Who needs that?

It is also illegal in California and other places to sell animals on the street. Therefore if you see a vendor selling turtles, large or small, on the street, report it rather than buy one.

Unfortunately, history tells us that whether the featured movie animal is a dalmatian, chihuahua, cat or turtle the ending is always the same. Parents are exploited, pets are harmed, children are left unsatisfied with the wrong lessons learned, while the breeders/vendors laugh all the way to the bank.

Let us not be doomed to relive history. Stick with the toy turtles and enjoy the film!

Jul 8, 2014

Please Don't "Rescue" Me

Courtesy spcaLA
There seems to be an epidemic of animal hoarding cases  involving 501(c)(3) not for profit corporations who characterize themselves as “rescues” or “no kill” shelters,  but are in fact the perpetrators of animal cruelty. It is critical that animal shelters, both public and private, screen, physically inspect, and research the reputations of these “rescues” before releasing animals to them or giving them pull privileges. Animal hoarding is defined as keeping higher-than-normal numbers of animals without the ability to properly house or care for them, while at the same time denying this inability.  Part of the problem is the hoarder’s incapability to part with any animal and thus, contrary to their representations will not work to find animals in their care new homes.
Pressure by sincere citizens and out-of-state organizations with deep pockets and misguided ideology can lead well-meaning, but ill informed city and county officials to release animals to hoarders in an effort to save them all so that they may create ‘happier’ statistics. However, the reality of releasing animals to such groups is all-too-often condemning a pet to a slow, lingering death sentence. This is particularly heartbreaking as a lot of energy and care was put into these pets by the shelters to ready them for transfer to a group who promises to find them homes. Instead, the animals suffer a fate worse than death.

While “no kill” was a popular phrase 15 years ago in the animal welfare environment, spcaLA, and most other legitimate entities, do not find its use responsible. In fact, the San Francisco animal welfare community that coined the term “no kill” stopped using it as it became more associated with hoarding, statistical acrobatics and deception as it always connotes something that it is not, is fraught with an inchoate vocabulary and provides a false sense that all is well.

In its over 135 year history, spcaLA has investigated, arrested, and worked to convict countless animal hoarders and other animal abusers of felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty. It has become common place and quite daunting to see the defendants, the hoarders, self-identified as animal “rescuers,” often connected to or incorporating as a “no kill” 501(c)(3), with “pull” privileges at local animal care and control facilities or private shelters. 

spcaLA urges shelters to perform regular inspections of rescue-partner facilities and  to investigate the background of the heads of these groups.  Very often, hoarders convicted of animal cruelty will move to a different city or state, adopt a new name, create a new 501(c)(3), and begin their cruel enterprise anew.  Further, spcaLA urges donors to give locally and to do their homework before simply responding to a sad Facebook post or the very convincing pleas of a hoarder.

Make no mistake - there are responsible and heroic partners that provide a real service to overcrowded shelters and to our community who are the real rescue partner deal. For the sake of our pets - we need to ensure that we do our due diligence and only work with such groups.

Jun 4, 2014

Help Los Angeles Keep our Wildlife Residents Safe

Courtesy Google Images
Last week a bear was hit by a car and killed on the 101 Freeway. This is one of many incidents of wildlife encountering traffic while looking for food, water and the company of friends. Mountain lions and bears have turned up in residential yards, at school or, as in the case of a baby lion, in a Santa Monica office building. As we develop more cities and encroach into areas inhabited by wildlife, it is incumbent upon us to commit to doing our best to keep them safe and minimize the likelihood of chance encounters with people.

We know there is a proposal to create a wildlife corridor at Liberty Canyon under the 101 Freeway which would connect two areas of natural habitat on either side of the freeway thus increasing the lions' roaming area while keeping them and motorists safe from accidents.

Now, there is a motion before the Los Angeles City Council which would require the City Planning Department to consider wildlife corridors in any new building plans in the hillsides and provide scientific guidance to keep wildlife habitat linkages and corridors open. If you would like to join me and support this initiative, please email the Planning & Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee, sharon.gin@lacity.org, and express our desire to keep all our residents safe.

May 27, 2014

aspca et al bribed witness which costs us all

Many of you have been sending me this story and asking about it. Many of you also think that aspca and hsus are national/umbrella organizations. They are not. They are not connected in any way to the other spcas and human societies across the country. Your spcaLA has nothing to do with this egregious conduct. 

That said, 14 years ago aspca and others sued Feld for issues regarding the improper treatment of their elephants. As standing is required to be heard in court - a plaintiff was identified and the case was allowed to proceed. When it was learned that there was an issue regarding the legitimacy of this plaintiff, Feld countered under the Rico statute which is a federal criminal racketeering law alleging bad behavior and conspiracy on the part of aspca, hsus et al. This is the result:

aspca,  hsus and others collectively have to pay Feld, the parent company of Ringling Brothers circus almost 25 million dollars (9.2 and 15.5 million respectively) to settle a lawsuit in which, as stated by the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, " the groups and their lawyers bribed a former circus employee to make up allegations that Feld abused Asian elephants in its circus."

This number does not include 14 years of legal fees, trial costs,  and other assets wasted for over a decade, expenses often not covered by insurance as they were the initiators of the suit. (Insurance surely would not cover the almost 300,000 in inappropriate witness payments.)  I say wasted because they knew from the start that they had a tainted witness and continued anyway. I would not be upset if it was a bona fide ethically handled lawsuit to help circus elephants that just was lost. That happens. In a world where Ringling Brothers had to pay the largest exhibitor fine ever to USDA for their treatment of animals and where Sarah the elephant collapsed on stage - the aspca et al had to mess with a witness to allege a problem? 

It is not enough that aspca is criticized for unethical fundraising practices, not disclosing that they are not a national umbrella organization which hurts animals all over the country who suffer from lack of resources, but their unethical behavior in this law suit has hurt  the reputation of animal welfare organizations everywhere who are mistakenly believed to be their "chapters",  the elephants, other circus animals who are slaves to the entertainment industry and trapped in pom-poms and chains, and has set back efforts to help these animals. This is particularly vexing as it hands the bullhook to Ringling Brothers with which to beat us.

That said, here in Los Angeles, without lawsuits, and millions of dollars your spcaLA, PAWS, Voice for the Animals, other local charities and you, the citizens of our city, dealt a blow to the circus by successfully enacting a bullhook ban in the city of Los Angeles, which, according to Ringling Brothers, means they can't come here anymore. 

Of course, this is not enough, but, we didn't have to bribe anyone to do it.

Ugh - so disappointing.