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Apr 18, 2013

ESPN: The Size of a Man's Dog Does is NOT Indicative of His Penis Size

Courtesy Google Images
During Wednesday's Lakers game the ESPN commentators could not stop wailing about the tragedy that Kobe Bryant was seen in this photo with a little dog. They ranted, wept and prayed for someone to "say it isn't so" that such a "macho" guy would have a lap dog. They lamented that any dog that could be "cradled" in one's arms was not an acceptable companion for such a man as Kobe.

Finally, to their relief, Kobe contacted them during half time and comforted the hysterical commentators with the news that he had 4 dogs - two of which were German Shepherds. The commentators were outright thanking the almighty for this proof that the world is right again - that- their hero had 2 "manly" dogs which generously excused the presence of the little dog.

First, the size of a man's dog is not indicative of the size of his penis. Second, let's not force men into behaving in projected stereotypical ways. Strong men can be kind and gentle to children and other vulnerable  living beings without sacrificing their masculinity. And third, would these sports "experts" suggest that Michael Vick was the better example of a real man?

Apr 5, 2013

UPDATE - Swap Meets, Lead Ammo and Ag Gag - Oh My!


UPDATE - The "Ag-Gag" bill, sponsored by the California Cattleman's Association was  withdrawn by Assemblymember Jim Patterson. It will be technically dead after after the first week of May deadline. We were heard!!

It is once again legislative season and your spcaLA is working on bills that will prevent animal cruelty. To that end, I will resume nagging you to voice your support or disgust to our employees - our elected officials.

      Remember: The power of the people is greater than the people in power -Wael Ghonim

Assemblymember Roger Dickinson introduced Assembly Bill 339, which, in its current form, strives to ban the sale of live animals in swap meets and flea markets.  Husbandry, veterinary treatment, and often basic humane care are often non existent in these venues, which, unfortunately were excluded from recent enacted legislation prohibiting street corner sales of animals. This bill passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee this week and onward and upward we go! (support)

Assemblymember Anthony Rendon introduced Assembly Bill 711 would prohibit the use of lead shot in hunting. Lead is toxic to both humans and animals and safe alternatives exist.(support)

Assemblymember Jim Patterson introduced Assembly Bill 343 an "Ag Gag" law which seeks to stop whistle blowers, undercover operatives and activists from exposing animal cruelty in the food industry. It is sponsored by the California Cattleman's Association and is designed to stifle our rights to speak of disturbing practices that occur as well as our right to know about them.  (oppose)

Additionally, bills which would: protect animals that are trapped, create the "Bobcat Protection Act" , mandate non-lethal alternatives to killing mountain lions and exempt animal medicines from sales tax, are all part of this years legislative "to do" list.

You will be hearing more from me as things progress. Thank you as always for your help and support.