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Oct 8, 2009

My First Blog

This is my first blogging attempt so I thought I would introduce the Sheprador.  I have been quite frustrated with the onslaught and popularity of designer dogs like “Cockerdoodles”, "Labradoodles", "Puggles" and the like. While adorable, they are still mutts, and a fad that has created more profits for for puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders. The irony, insult and stupidity of the thing is that shelters everywhere are brimming with unique, lovable, and, might I say, stylish mutts of every kind who need good homes. It is problematic enough that shelters already combat the notion that pure breeds are more desirable, though 25% of our residents are in fact pure breeds) but really - do we have to compete with fake pedigrees i.e. specially ordered, manufactured mutts?  

In response to this, spcaLA has introduced our own, exclusive Designer Dog!  At our shelters one can find the Chihuerrier, the Sheprador, the Lapitty with exclusive new breeds emerging daily. We even offer papers of authenticity with each adoption.

I am thrilled that people are realizing the great advantages of adopting a mutt. But - come on - let's not encourage making more dogs until every adoptable homeless dog first finds a home.

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