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Dec 20, 2009

Buy And Give Simultaneously

In a holiday season set against a landscape of recession, unemployment, fear and malaise, discretionary funding is small while real needs are great. In fact, the demand for charitable services is increasing exponentially in an inverse ratio to the ability to supply them. Animals and people need more help than ever before, and there are fewer resources than usual to help them.
One solution is to buy and give simultaneously. Shop in stores run by charities. Purchase items that share a percentage with a cause you support. Make corporate and personal holiday donations in the names of employees, friends, and family. Buy a little less than usual and share the difference where it matters.
These are just a few of the multitude of ways that you can still indulge yourselves while helping those who can't.
Remember, if everyone gave a little something, it could mean everything to someone or a pet with nothing.
Have a happy holiday season and thank you for all your support.

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