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Feb 22, 2010

The Village Thanks You

spcaLA recently announced a pet food shortage as a casualty of the bleak economic climate and consequential  cutbacks in corporate donations across the board. This was particularly harsh as not only are there more animals to feed because of the increase in animal relinquishments (the poor economy again) but because spcaLA also feeds animals at other shelters from Bakersfield to San Diego. Imagine our distress when we feared we would  soon not have enough food to feed our own residents without having to use precious funds to purchase food. (We have not had to purchase food for the last 14 years!)

Then you stepped in. Undeterred by needs in Haiti, your own unemployment concerns, and your budget bottom lines - you sounded the horn and came to our doors in the rain with bags of food, litter and other supplies. Bag after bag, can after can you responded to this need and, I hope, will continue to so do. We are deeply grateful for this outpouring of support and its testament to the instant rewards of giving locally. It is only when we strengthen our local communities that we can become truly strong and able to help others.

On behalf of the thousands of animals that you have fed - I thank you.

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