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May 7, 2010

Stop rescission of import ban on frogs & turtles - make some noise!

The Fish & Game Commission, after a decade of asking, finally banned the importation of millions of live frogs and turtles for sale in live animal markets. Notwithstanding the animal cruelty issues, these non-native species find their way into our ecosystems, pet shops, (those not fit to eat) swap meets, ponds and local waters. The result is they destroy native species, introduce new diseases and destroy the balance or our native wildlife. Fish & Game is mandated to protect our native wildlife. Capturing them in other states depletes species and affects the ecosystems there as well.

Some of your elected representatives (listed below) have sent a letter asking Fish & Game asking them to rescind the ban. If they don't speak for you  or represent your interests - Make some noise. The following are the emails for those legislators and the Dept. of Fish & Game Commission.  Please contact them before May 20th, the date of the rehearing.



  1. It is truly frightening how politicians look out for themselves and their interests and disreguard the actual benefit of the poeple. It's abvious they've become the enemy and these assemblymembers don't represent the people at all. I'm thinking they need to be replaced!!

  2. a list of these assemblymembers should be published on the web so we can all know not to vote for. They are definitely not looking out for the benefit of the people they are susposed to be representing.