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Jun 13, 2010

The Gulf of Tears

The spill in the gulf is ripping my heart out. I stare for hours at the gusher video feeling alternately helpless and enraged. I watch as turtles, sharks, birds, marshlands, reptiles, fish, and mammals die every second.  I weep with the families of the 11 dead workers as I stare at that watery grave.

It feels as if the oil flood was avoidable had laws been followed and enforced. It feels as if things are disappearing in the dark of night like dolphins and business records. It feels as if energy is being spent posturing, laying blame, theatrical apologies and calculated rage. It feels like death by ensanguination.

Extinct species, dissolved coastlines and fragile wetlands don't return. There could be ramifications by way of pollution, chemical poisoning, dead ecosystems, and toxic food for decades to come. Of course, the politicians, CEOs, bureaucrats and the like will have moved on to other jobs as their tenure and brief era of responsibility will have passed. The story will become a footnote or game show question - and the ocean will continue to fight for its life unless we seize this opportunity to find alternative energies that will preserve our planet and protect its species- including us. Some politician suggested nuclear energy. Really?  Given the management fiasco we are witnessing now - what could go wrong with that?

P.S. spcaLA's elite disaster unit has been asked to stand by and be ready to respond if needed. Rest assured - we are and will.

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