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Aug 24, 2011

This Is Loyalty

If any one is neither convinced of the intensity and strength of the human animal bond nor persuaded of the mutual loyalty between the two, you need only look at this picture posted by NPR.

The dog of slain Petty Officer Jon Tumilson refused to leave his side during the Navy SEAL’s funeral earlier this week in Rockford, Iowa. The heartbreaking photo taken by his cousin, Lisa Pembleton, shows Tumilson’s dog Hawkeye lying by the casket. (via The Daily Treat: Animal Planet)

This is a bond so strong that some would choose death rather than leave their pet behind during a disaster evacuation, risk bodily harm to save a pet in danger and would grieve for a lifetime after the loss of this cherished family member. This is a bond so strong that a family pet would and has risked his or her life to protect a human companion.

Our work is to obtain such a relationship for all homeless pets, support humans in their effort to provide such a life, and to allow this bond to flourish free from acts of cruelty and derision. It is not a junk bond but rather a priceless treasure.

May Petty Officer John Tumilson and Hawkeye both find peace.


  1. I love this quote Madeline and would like to put it in my article. It was wonderful to meet you at the Gala tonight and look forward to speaking with you again. You rock! Congratulations on your well deserved award.- Georja Umano

  2. My pleasure. Thank you - and it was wonderful meeting you as well.

  3. WOW!! This is really touched me!! Thanks for sharing!