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Oct 24, 2011

Allow Dogs On Designated Beaches

UPDATE - Oct 25th - Santa Monica city council passed a resolution which directs staff to work with the state of California to establish, on a pilot basis, an off-leash area for dogs on the beach and down to the waterline. Monitoring for environmental effects will be part of the pilot program. Your spcaLA was asked to and will be involved!

spcaLA, a corporation serving California since 1877, is urging the City of Santa Monica to permit off-leash beach zones for dogs and their human companions.
courtesy spcaLA

The human animal bond is cherished, strong, and enhanced by the availability of activities that humans and their pets can do together. Besides mutual companionship there are other benefits to allowing dog friendly recreation areas.

The off-leash area serves a social center which brings together people with common interests who can exercise and play together with their dogs. The care and maintenance of these areas is critical to their continued enjoyment which increases the peer pressure to abide by the rules and promote responsible dog and human behavior.  Concerns about water pollution, diseases, excessive poop and overcrowding simply have not proven credible either pursuant to scientific studies or from studies of existing dog beaches.

In recognition of the fact that many treat their dog as part of the family, more and more hotels, restaurants, parks and amusement areas have made major strides in accommodating pets so scarce leisure time can be spent all together as a family. 

We ask the City of Santa Monica to do the same and designate a place where dogs and their human companions can play, rest, and responsibly enjoy the beach.

The issue will be heard Tues. Oct 25 at the Santa Monica City Council Meeting. Please urge the powers that be to designated a place for dogs and their human friends at our beach.  Thank you.

Mayor Richard Bloom    richard.bloom@smgov.net
Mayor Pro Tempore Gleam Davis     gleam.davis@smgov.net
Robert Holbrook  robert.holbrook@smgov.net
Kevin McKeown   kevin@mckeown.net
Pam O'Connor     pam.oconnor@smgov.net
Terry O'Day         terry.oday@smgov.net
Bobby Shriver      bobby.shriver@smgov.net

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