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May 25, 2012

Rihanna's Dog Got "Minxed"

coutesy instagram
Courtesy Instagram
The latest trend in manicures and pedicures is the minx manicure. It is a process where pictures and patterns are painted onto fingernails and toenails thereby instantly transforming ordinary fingers and toes into works of art.

It was only a matter of time before this new art form appeared on a pet. In this case it was  Rihanna's dog. She posted a photo of  her dog with the caption "Bitch got minx."

The product is said to be toxic, odorless, chemical free and perfectly safe for natural nails. However, before you try something like this on your pet, use common sense. When in doubt, ask a veterinarian - is this safe for pets? Procedures and materials deemed safe for people may still have adverse effect on animals.

If it's safe - make sure it's something your pet tolerates and is comfortable doing. If your dog needs a sedative to do it, it most likely should not be done.

Need I say- don't even think about this for a cat!

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