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Sep 3, 2013

New Trapping Law In California

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that applies improves the plight of trapped animals.

The new law revises and further limits the use of certain traps such as certain "body gripping traps", it makes it unlawful to kill any trapped animal by certain methods such as drowning and chest crushing, and adds signage and warning requirements designed to prevent unintended animals and people from being harmed by the traps. Violations of this law is a misdemeanor.

It is still mandatory that traps must be visited and animals removed at least once a day.

Though our laws permit the trapping of wild animals - it should not allow the further torment and cruel treatment of those animals unfortunate enough to be trapped. This new law helps with that but further sends the message that there is no carte blanche to be inhumane to animals even under circumstances where they might be considered nuisances or lawful to hunt.

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  1. Ban the traps. These animals belong here. We're the pests, not them.