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Dec 11, 2013

Disgusted With Iowa Republican Steve Kings' Farm Bill Amendment

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UPDATE: The nasty King amendment is finished for now!! http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-california-egg-farm-bill-20140127,0,3486002.story#axzz2rdoQPvmW      You were heard. 

The time for Congress to pass the farm bill has come and we must make sure that Republican Senator Steve Kings’ amendment, Protect Interstate Commerce Act (PICA), which would strip states of the right to regulate its own agricultural interests by requiring products coming into a state to comply with the standards of that state, is removed from the bill.

For example, the egg producers in Kings’ home state of Iowa would not have to comply with California’s law that egg farmers give egg-laying birds room to stand, spread their wings and move around, and that all eggs sold in California must come from farms that meet California standards.

King assertion that California is the only state that would be impacted either indicates his ignorance of the issue or his willingness to misstate the facts to assist his constituent egg producers. The language in the amendment could not only nullify agricultural protections enacted by individual states, but, could, according to the Washington Times  “have far-reaching implications, nullifying a large spectrum of state and local laws concerning everything from livestock welfare to GMO labeling, restrictions on pesticide and antibiotic use, horse slaughter, child labor, fire safe cigarettes, shark finning, Christmas trees, and even the sale of cat and dog meat.”   

14 law professors from around the country stated in a letter to the legislative conferees that "should the Amendment pass, there is a significant likelihood that many state agricultural laws across the country will be nullified, that public health and safety will be threatened, and that the Amendment could ultimately be deemed unconstitutional.”

That said, what happened to the republican platform of the sanctity of states’ rights? How odd that in the areas of assault weapons, health care, same sex marriage, abortion and marijuana there is a deafening clamor to defer to states and block the intrusive federal government from acting. But when Kings’ constituent egg producers might not be able to sell in California – the republican, King, is all about running roughshod over the states and the importance of federal control.

Kings’ position is disappointing and obviously self-serving as it appears to convey a platform that encourages the discarding of principles, factual statements and that acts adversely to the best interests of those in vulnerable positions whether human or animal. 

Which party is that?

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