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Apr 17, 2014

Convicted! You Can't Just Beat an Opossum to Death Because She is an Opossum

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It doesn't matter if you think an animal is a nuisance or a pet, gratuitously injuring or killing her is a crime in California.

Jose Chavez, took a wooden stick to a fence outside his apartment where a mother opossum and her babies lay.   Chavez then struck the mom in the head, knocking her from the fence.  She attempted to escape, but Chavez took her, with babies attached to her, to and beat her until he killed her. Then, Chavez placed the dead mom and her live babies in a plastic bag and put them into a dumpster.

Your spcaLA Humane Officers investigated after which Chavez was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty where he ultimately struck a plea bargain.

It doesn't matter that some animals may be characterized as nuisances, used for food, displayed in circuses or scare you for no reason. It does matter that they be treated humanely. It is simply shameful, particularly, as in this case the opossum was scared, protective of her litter, and tried to escape that this beating occurred. 

Were I able to wave my wand and outlaw all abuses and exploitation of our animals - i would. Until then - show a little respect or expect to be prosecuted.

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