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Jan 22, 2018

Why would you punch a police horse and other musings from "she who is pushing a boulder uphill"

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In an effort to spare lobsters from pain, authorities in Switzerland have deemed it illegal to toss a live lobster into boiling water. Regardless of your opinion of this, the effort represents a trend of mindfulness of the suffering of sentient beings and a movement toward kindness to and mercy for animals.

Yet, for the second consecutive week, a Philadelphia Eagles fan punched a police horse, respectively, in the shoulder, face and neck when asked to disperse. This is already behavior that is against the law, and they were each arrested, but in a world where global efforts to protect animals are prevalent, some still take out their anger on animals, significant others and children.

One step up the hill and two steps back.

In recognition of the human animal bond, and the value that people derive from service, emotional support animals and family pets, laws are changing to allow more shared activities, as well as opportunities to travel with, dine out with and live with pets in contravention of "no pets" clauses.

As a result, there is now an epidemic of impostor service dogs, pretend support dogs and general hubris at the expense of those who truly need these dogs and the general public at large. Of course there is a corresponding lucrative industry of fake vests, certificates and medical vouchers available for purchase to anyone at all. After a 70 pound dog, claimed as an emotional support dog, bit a passenger, twice, in the face on a Delta flight, Delta is instituting new rules before such a dog can board their planes. Besides a health statement Delta will now require a certification of the dog's ability to behave. Since more "emotional support" dogs have materialized, there has been a parallel increase of bites, peeing, pooping and other accidents on planes primarily because people refuse to be mindful of others and want a bulkhead or free upgrade for themselves and their "service" pet.  The backlash will hurt everyone, including the exploited pet. After all, what could happen to the pet, without whom you can't travel, if he or she bites someone? Besides liability exposure, the life of your pet can be put at risk.

One step up the hill and five steps back.

If you can hear me from underneath my boulder, please, a little less self-service and a lot more community service would be much appreciated. Some kindness and empathy would not hurt either.

See you at the top of the hill!

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