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Apr 19, 2010

Amazon Kindle Needs to Grow a Pair!

I am really irritated with Amazon and the Kindle,

As an extremely busy CEO who loves to read but has precious little down time, I use technology to help. Though a devout paper lover - the smell of a newly opened hard covered book is divine - I supplement with technology rather than read less. I therefore owned a Rocket Book - one of the first E readers - which allowed me to travel with numerous texts sans weight, and now I  use a kindle, ipad and ipod to read everywhere.

In Los Angeles - this means the car! Hours of traffic and freeways available to a readaholic. To that end I listen to Audible.com books as well as Kindle books through the text to speech option. There is a difference - the former is a performance, sometimes with actors and music, the latter is a computer reading in a monotone. It is impossible to confuse the two. Yet - amazingly, Amazon is allowing publishers to disable the text to speech feature as they feel their Audible.com sales could be threatened.

Nonsense - by that logic I couldn't have the passenger in the car read a book to me,  read to my kids or read to the visiually challenged. This is stupid, not legally necessary -  yet - Amazon caved to this silly demand.

Really - Amazon needs to grow a pair and support the text to speech option it promised consumers.


  1. ha! ...or the smell of a crisp new magazine with beautiful images that you can actually take to the beach and not worry about sand messing up the ipad or kindle. Yeah, great point; I've tried those 'driving book' tapes in the car and I find myself not paying attention! Then I just give up and either go to the library or go buy the book. ha
    Stewart --Dog Days in LA Magazine

  2. you know it! i love the smell and feel of a new book or magazine - but - then i am also a pen and stationery geek. - love it.