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Apr 25, 2010

spcas - Stand Up And Light!

Just a thank you to spcaLA's  individual and corporate constituents, particularly Pacific Park, Lax and the Coliseum for their "Go Blue for spcaLA" light support and celebrations.

They stood up for your spcaLA  against the misconception that aspca is a national/umbrella organization, and, the resultant divergence of funds, needed by abused pets here, to New York. In response to aspca's  request that cities all over the country  light up landmarks orange for them - the NY spca -your landmarks lit up blue for spcaLA and the animals here who need our help.  Knowing where your funds are going and intending them to actually go there is all we ask. There is nothing I can say to someone who says - "I already gave to your national office." - except there is no national office. This exchange leaves us both upset with no help for the pets here. Furthermore, it is my opinion, that donating locally and keeping our communities strong is the key to building strong cities, then states, then our nation.

I call upon spca's across the country to ask their landmark buildings to light up in each of their respective spca colors to stand up for local shelters, and to present the rainbow of organizations that are truly caring for our lost, abandoned, and abused pets across this country -and leave orange in NY - where it belongs.

Thank you again.

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