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Mar 4, 2011

I Can't "Bear" This Anymore - Call to Action

This is as bad as it gets. The California Department of Fish and Game thinks that we, the taxpayers, and interested citizens, can't see through their smokescreens or tell fool's gold from the real deal.

The Department is again campaigning to expand the number of California bears that can be killed during the hunting season by approximately 20% despite the overwhelming objection to this by state residents. (See my prior call to action piece that describes this cruel and unsportsmanlike activity http://bit.ly/icDFsi ) While trying to allow more bears to be killed, this same department is simultaneously bragging about their efforts to rehabilitate a few bear cubs orphaned by - yes - hunters! Once the babies are of the appropriate age to be hunted they could be released to the wild to be such a target.

They are essentially fattening those baby bears for slaughter. Did they think that we would not notice? Did they think that we would be so blinded by the image of cuddly, carousing cubs to not see the manipulating, sinister hand behind their self congratulatory press releases? We are not so easily distracted by shiny objects.

I concur with my colleagues' piece in the San Francisco Chronicle http://bit.ly/exhOBs with one exception. I don't think we should come to praise Fish and Game for these acts but rather bury them with requests not to expand the hunting numbers and devote more resources to rehabilitating and protecting our native wildlife. I also believe every single resident of California should contact Jerry Brown, our new governor at                               http://gov.ca.gov/m_contact.php and ask for a top to bottom review of the entire Department of Fish and Game and its impotent Commission.

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