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Mar 24, 2011

Update to Military Families Forced to Leave Pets Behind in Japan

Immediately following reports of, and my blog post commenting on, the inability of military families to evacuate on government flights with their pets, an official government document, updated as of the evening of March 21st, was sent to me. This document stated that families could bring a maximum of 2 pets, of a certain type, on certain flights under certain conditions or they could finance their own evacuation.  While this is better than nothing it is a far cry from perfect and still pointed to the need for a closer look into and reform of evacuation and disaster preparedness issues. The power of the human animal bond cannot be ignored or minimized.

As such, I addressed these issues in an op-ed piece that was published today in the Washington Times which I would like to share with you.  http://bit.ly/eOQrP7

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