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Feb 25, 2014

New Farm Bill Has Surprise For Dogfighters and Cockfighters!

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Deep within the new farm bill is an amendment to the federal animal fighting prohibition law (7 United States Code 2156) which is effective immediately. 

It is now a federal felony to bring a minor (under the age of 16) to a dogfight or cockfight. So often these fights are treated as family affairs which expose and desensitize young children to acts of bloody violence and animal cruelty.  Such exposure can impair a child from developing the ability to empathize with other living things - a characteristic typical of both adult and juvenile violent felony offenders. It is also not uncommon for perpetrators to stash contraband in children's diapers for safekeeping. This change does not preclude law enforcement from still charging the adults with local relevant child endangerment laws.

The revision also makes it a misdemeanor to knowingly attend a cockfight or dogfight!

So cockfighters and dogfighters - SURPRISE!

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