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Oct 21, 2013


Your spcaLA, with your help was heard by our legislators and governor!
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Here is a quick synopsis of animal protection legislation passed and going into effect in 20014 or later:

Effective January 2016, sales of animals at swap meets will be regulated. Standards of care for those animals must be complied with at the swap meet and in transit to and from the venue.

Effective January 2014, rabies vaccinations can be given to dogs at 3 months of age.

As soon as possible but no later than July 2019, non-lead ammo must be used in the taking of all wildlife.

Effective January 2014, new rules affecting trapping will prohibit certain types of body hugging traps as well as making it unlawful to kill trapped animals by listed methods. 

Effective January 2014, the taking of mountain lions must be accomplished by non-lethal means unless there is a threat to public health and safety. 

October of every year will be designated as shelter awareness month.

Passage of the “Bobcat Protection Act of 2013” requires the Department of Fish and Wildlife to create a management plan by July 2015. If no plan is drafted then the trapping, exporting, selling bobcat fur or product will be prohibited.

Thank you for your tireless efforts.

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